Can You Find the Hidden Messages Within These Logos?

March 20, 2021
Emilie Mitchell

You view handfuls of logos everyday, but have you ever stopped to actually take a look at them? When you take a closer look, you discover that some logos have secret messages waiting to be uncovered.

Amazon Logo


At first, the yellow arrow might seem to be just that--an arrow. However, once you take a closer look, you can see that the arrow starts at "A" and ends at "Z", signifying that they sell everything from A to Z. This also creates a smile, which is what they hope to bring to their customers' faces.

Baskin Robbins Logo

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins's ice cream variety consists of thirty one famous flavors. Because of this, the number "31" can be depicted from the pink colored font in each of the "B" and "R".

Beats Logo


Founded by Dr. Dre in 2006, Beats is most well-known for their headphones. This logo is not only a lowercase "B", but also represents a head, the red circle, wearing headphones, the white "B".

Chick-fil-A Logo


Named as America's favorite restaurant chain for over five years in a row, Chick-fil-A is famous for their chicken varieties such as sandwiches and nuggets. This is why the "C" in their logo also doubles as the face of a chicken.

Cisco Logo


Cisco is a networking hardware company. At the top of their logo, the blue lines represent the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, California, which also happens to be the state in which their headquarters are located.

Domino's Logo


Having domino piece stand for Domino's brand makes sense, but what about the choice of three dots? These dots illustrate the three original Domino's locations that were open at the time the logo was created. The popular pizza chain has decided to stick with this number ever since.

FedEx Logo


Once you see this one, you won't be able to unsee it. Hiding in the negative space between the "E" and "X" is an arrow pointing to the right. As a delivery service company, customers are looking for qualities of forward direction and speed, which are both commonly suggested by a forward arrow.

Formula 1 Logo

Formula 1

Used between1994-2017, this Formula 1 logo implied the digit "1" through its use of negative space in the middle of the black "F" and the red motion marks that were meant to convey the speed that grand prix racing is famous for.

Gillette Logo


While the font used for this Gillette logo may look generic at first, a deeper meaning can be revealed once you take a second glance. As a brand known for razors and other personal care products, the "G" and "I" in this logo appear to have been cut with razor sharp precision.

Goodwill Logo


Goodwill is a nonprofit organization that creates job training programs, employment placement, and other community-based occasions by selling donated clothing and household items. The smiling face that is disguised within the "G" of their logo helps communicate this mission of optimistic opportunities.

Hyundai Logo


This logo actually has a double meaning. Not only does it visualize a simple "H" for Hyundai, but it also represents a silhouette of the company and customer shaking hands in evenly balanced agreement.

NBC Logo


Created near the time when colored television was being introduced, this logo makes sure to include a variety of colors through an image of a peacock. The six feathers represent the network's six divisions of news, entertainment, network, sports, productions, and stations.

GameCube Logo

Nintendo GameCube

In this logo's positive space, the letter "G" is displayed, while in the negative space, the letter "C" is displayed, representing Nintendo's GameCube. Additionally, these two letters combine to make a cube surrounded by another cube.

NWairlines Logo

Northwest Airlines

There are three hidden meanings within this airline's logo. First, the letter "N" is illustrated by the absence of the circle and triangle in this image. Then, if you add the triangle, the letter "W" is uncovered. Lastly, the combination of the circle and triangle create a compass that points in the northwest direction.

Pinterest Logo


Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service that encourages the discovery and saving of digital content through the use of pinboards. It is designed for the user to "pin" what they'd like to save, which is why their "P" logo also doubles as a push pin.

Toblerone Logo


Toblerone was originally formed in Bern, Switzerland, which is often symbolized by a bear. This is why, hidden in the negative space of the Swiss Mountains above their name, a standing bear can be exposed.

Tostitos Logo


Tostitos is known for their tortilla chips and the dips that accompany them. In this clever logo, the two lowercase "T"s double as two people sharing a chip and some salsa.

Toyota Logo


Toyota says that, "the three overlapping ovals symbolize the unification of the hearts of our customers and the heart of Toyota products." But, this logo doesn't stop there. the two inner ovals are also designed to create each individual letter in the word "Toyota."

Wendy's Logo


During Wendy's logo redesign in 2013, a hidden message was discovered. Subliminally, the word "mom" is formed through the collar of Wendy's shirt. Perhaps this is to imply that Wendy's food is as good as Mom's cooking.

WynHouse Software Combo Mark

WynHouse Software

Lastly, WynHouse Software's logo has a hidden message of it own. When focusing on the pictorial mark, a widened "W" can be seen, excluding the four surrounding squares.

How many of these hidden meanings did you know?

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