Do I Need a Website for My Small Business?

March 7, 2021
Emilie Mitchell

Believe it or not, only 36% of small businesses have a website. Here's what the other 64% of small businesses are missing out on:

Credibility & Branding

Having a website is a clear way to boost your credibility and branding. Without one, your business may be viewed as illegitimate or too new to trust. Credibility and branding play an integral role in consumer trust. When a consumer trusts a brand, this increases brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is not only important for keeping the customers you already have, but also gaining new customers through recommendations and reviews of your loyal, consistent audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Without a website, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity: search engine optimization. Also known as SEO, search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of your website's traffic. SEO targets unpaid traffic through organic search engine results. Search engine optimization is an essential part of marketing, benefitting your business and your customers' experience at the same time. For more information on search engine optimization, visit our Beginner's Guide to SEO.

Accurate Information

Providing your customers with up-to-date information is a crucial part of your job. The great thing about websites is that you're in control of the content being displayed on your page. This ensures that the information included about your product or service is 100% accurate. A website is a great opportunity to display everything your business has to offer, all in one place.

24/7 Access

Another helpful attribute of websites is that they are available to view and engage with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows customers to browse your site at whatever time is most convenient for them. Meeting the schedules of every possible customer through 24/7 access also leads to a larger audience.

Larger Audience

Unlike other options, websites have the ability to reach both local and global markets. This opens up the door to consumers who aren't local and therefore may not have been previously able to enjoy your product or service. Additionally, search engine optimization helps direct your target audience to your page, maximizing the number of users engaging with your site.

New Leads

Reaching a larger audience also leads to generating new leads, which is ultimately our main goal.

Customers + Leads = Profits


Overall, having a website helps ensure greater success for your business in the long-run. A website is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Our world's online presence is only continuing to increase--don't miss out on this online revolution.

Within the last decade alone, mobile traffic has increased 222%. Mobile users account for over 50% of web traffic worldwide. Functional websites are more difficult to design for mobile use, but don't worry--WynHouse Software is here to help.

Schedule a meeting with our team at WynHouse Software and let us maximize your website's results.

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