Lead Designer Interview: Joe English

March 2, 2021
Emilie Mitchell

Are you familiar with what a lead designer does? What about one at a software development agency? This week, I took the time to interview one of my coworkers at WynHouse Software, Joe English, to learn more about what he does.

What does your job entail?

"As Lead Designer, I take a client's idea and bring them to life. I create brands, design pitch decks, problem-solve functionality, and style web elements. A big part of my job is making app design look pretty while still being functional. I have to think from the user's perspective to make that happen. During our validation or discovery phase, I research the market and competitors of our client’s new company and create their brand based off of that research and how it will connect to consumers emotionally. Branding can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months. As our main brand designer I rely a lot on my own ideas, which creates a lot of trial and error."

What does your schedule look like?

"It depends.. 2 or 3 days out of the week I usually have no idea what I will end up working on. For about 3 days of the week I have a strong focus on one project and work on important problem solving tasks for that project. The one consistent thing I do every single day is check Envato Elements for new fonts."

What keeps you motivated?

"I want to master composition. Visual art inspired me to have a better outlook on life and gave me purpose. I want to give that feeling to others and be able to communicate any emotion through visual art and design."

What is your favorite task to work on?

"My favorite part would have to be branding. So far, I have done branding for about 14 different companies. My favorite part of branding is type, I love fonts. There’s so much you can communicate with them. Web design is a close second, I love how HTML and CSS scratch both the analytical and visual side of my head."

What kind of software do you use?

"I use several programs from the Adobe Creative Suite. I use Adobe Illustrator the most for functionality and small file size, Adobe XD for prototyping, and Adobe Photoshop for photo enhancement. I use Microsoft Powerpoint to create pitch decks and proposals."

Did you have any design experience prior to WynHouse?

"No. Well.. when I was in high school, I ran a clothing company."

What is something you enjoy doing outside of work?

"I enjoy landscape and portrait photography when I have the time for it, especially when it is warmer outside."

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