Meet The WynHouse Team

August 23, 2021
Emilie Mitchell
Evan WynHouse Software Headshot

Evan Marsh


“When it comes to leadership, Evan raises the bar further than what I thought was possible. Always offering his time to his team and clients, he is wholly dedicated to the growth and success of WynHouse Software. Evan is continuously going above and beyond building relationships and helping others grow their skills all while polishing his own. He has set a standard of quality that is evident in the digital products WHS makes. There is nothing that Evan cannot do if he sets his mind to it.”

Matt WynHouse Software Headshot

Matthew Soltesz

Founder, Lead Software Engineer 

“Matt is the hardest worker I know. He is well-versed in web development and a great mentor to all of our developers, creating an enjoyable environment to work in. His empathetic and understanding approach is what makes him a great fit to our team. Matt is dedicated to getting better and is always willing to put in the hours to ensure the digital product being created is one that will be highly valued by the client.”

Justin WynHouse Software Headshot

Justin Hinkle

Director of Technology

“Justin is a selfless leader who sets a great example for his team at WynHouse Software. He is an exceptional developer and great at architecting a scalable and thorough solution. Hosting knowledge and experience in a wide variety of technologies, Justin is capable of quickly overcoming any challenges thrown his way and ensuring that projects are completed with the highest quality.”

Frankie WynHouse Software Headshot

Frankie DeLaTorre 

Director of Operations

“Frankie is crucial to our team’s success. He's a great mediator between the different facets of the business and always provides a rational perspective. He makes sure we are getting quality applications out that will function accordingly for our clients. Frankie is an expert at adapting to new challenges, leading a team, validating niche software ideas, and assuring that the digital product rises past clients' expectations.”

Joe WynHouse Software Headshot

Joe English IV

Creative Director

“Joe is our team's creative director, but that doesn't come close to describing the value he adds to our team. He is continually learning and is determined to be the very best he can be. When it comes to leading teams, Joe knows what needs to be done and is able to provide the best direction on how to achieve our team's goals. Joe's work ethic, management style, and mastery of his craft are a few of the many reasons he is a critical asset to our team.”

Dan WynHouse Software Headshot

Daniel March

Director of Marketing & Media

“Dan is the definition of a creative thinker, coming up with innovative solutions to any challenge presented. He is very passionate about his work and is a true go-getter when it comes to conducting projects. His curiosity propels the team forward and encourages us all to keep growing. When tasked to do something, he is the first to get it done and move on to the next task.”

Joey WynHouse Software Headshot

Joseph Prochaska

Business Development Manager

“Joey is a hard worker who is able to efficiently measure, interpret, and utilize company metrics to consistently improve WHS. Among his wide set of skills, he has a knack for connecting with people and building great relationships. No matter the situation, Joey is able to keep a positive perspective that is contagious to everyone around.”

Odis WynHouse Software Headshot

Odis Barnett

Software Engineering Intern

“WynHouse is a fairly young and budding organization, and Odis is no exception. He's a recent high school graduate with freelance software development experience and a strong technical background. His technical skills and innovative perspective have proven to be a major key in the success of recent projects. Odis has a level of excitement and eagerness to excel that is surpassed only by his ability to learn quickly and adapt his work with every piece of information he learns.”

Emilie WynHouse Software Headshot

Emilie Mitchell

Marketing Coordinator

“There's never a dull moment working with Emilie! She is a proactive and creative problem solver who looks at what needs to be accomplished in a strategic manner. Emilie has done a great job owning our social media presence, creating content that is consistently entertaining, educational, and engaging with our audience. She is always looking for ways to improve, willing to learn, and ready to take on responsibility, making her a great asset to the WHS team.”

Sam WynHouse Software Headshot

Sam Harmon

Full-Stack Developer

“Sam's ability to recognize patterns and adapt to new technologies makes me question if he is a computer himself. He is extremely thorough, hard working, and a great communicator. No matter what team he is on or what project he is given, you can assure that his results will be pristine. Not only is Sam a great developer, but his passion is what sets him apart. He comes in every day with a smile on his face, leaving no question that he enjoys what he does.”

Sean WynHouse Software

Sean Eirons

Human Resources Specialist 

“From day one, Sean has been someone you can lean on. He is extremely motivated and eager to expand his skillset in whatever field is asked of him. Whenever Sean is called upon to tackle a new responsibility, he does so with grace and a smile. He is not afraid to take initiative and get things done.”

Cody Hart front end software engineer headshot

Cody Hart

Front-End Software Engineer

“Cody is an incredible developer who is not afraid to take the lead on a project and is consistently exceeding expectations. On top of his development skills, he’s great at understanding how applications are supposed to work and be interacted with. He's passionate about the work he does and it shows in his attention to detail and willingness to help out fellow teammates. Cody’s wide set of skills make him an invaluable asset to our team.”

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