The Importance of Branding

April 8, 2021
Emilie Mitchell

If you find yourself asking: "Why is branding important?" there's a better question to ask: "When isn't branding important?" Before we jump into that, let's start with the basics.

What is branding?

Branding is the purpose, personality, and mission behind your business. Visualized by your business's logo and other design elements, this creates a brand identity and helps set you apart from your competition. Branding builds your reputation and shows customers what makes you, you.

Visual Elements

Effective branding requires strategy and should translate across different mediums. A basic brand identity includes the following elements:


The first impression and face of your company

Color palette:

Differentiates you from your competitors and evokes emotion


Visual language that affects how your content is communicated


Visual elements that aid readers in making a concept more clear or interesting

Web/application design:

Software that carries out the goals, tasks, and expectations of your company


Making sure to include these basic elements of brand identity is just the start. In order for your branding to be effective, you must ensure that it carries out the following goals and requirements:


Is readily distinguishable among competitors


Leaves a lasting impression


Has the ability to adjust and evolve with the brand


Compliments other elements across all mediums

Easy to apply:

Can be perceived clearly for designers and developers to follow

Why is branding important?

Now that we understand what branding is, we can have a better idea of its importance. Consumer purchasing starts with the quality of the product and ends with good branding that communicates this product to your market. Here are 10 reasons why branding is crucial for your business:

1. Builds an emotional connection

Building a connection with your customers doesn't happen overnight. This process starts by establishing a strong brand identity that your consumers can trust.

2. Connects you to a like-minded audience

Your branding includes your story, mission, and values, helping you to connect to customers who have needs that align with your values. This can ensure brand loyalty, which eventually leads to brand longevity.

3. Leads to new directions

Rebranding is an inevitable part of branding. In order to remain effective, it's important for a brand to know when to evolve. This rebranding effort can often lead to new opportunities, consumers, and success.

4. Delivers results when done well

After all, your brand is a business. A strong brand is a crucial step in delivering results that determine your company's growth and success.

5. Creates positive employee morale

Branding and company culture go hand in hand. This is because a strongly branded company stands by their identity and values, leading to a more enjoyable and fulfilling atmosphere for employees.

6. Creates trust within the marketplace

Businesses that have professional and strategized branding are more likely to build trust with current or potential customers.

7. Lets your consumers know what to expect

Branding helps distinguish your business from others by serving as a representation of how you want to be perceived as a company. When done correctly, this leaves a lasting impact on consumers.

8. Generates new business

As we know, effective branding results in memorable experiences. Because of these lasting impressions, consumers are encouraged to engage in word-of-mouth advertising, which ultimately generates referral business.

9. Increases brand awareness and recognition

Without branding, it would be extremely difficult for consumers to recognize and remember your business. Through the use of branding elements, this is how your company becomes known to your customers.

10. Increases business value

When a business is well-established in its industry, it's more likely to be an appealing investment opportunity.


Every interaction that a consumer has with your company, product, or employee defines your brand. Strategically crafting your brand and communicating it in every touchpoint is essential to building consumer trust and loyalty.

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