Top 3 Apps of 2020

March 2, 2021
Emilie Mitchell

After a long year of hanging on, these three apps helped keep us (somewhat) sane.

Winning Gold:

Zoom Logo

Zoom—keeping us connected

Coming in first place, Zoom beat out its video conferencing competitors. They did this by providing the best infrastructure, ease of use, and low cost. This free mobile app offers features that contribute to its ease of use, including:

·  Screen sharing

·  Content sharing

·  Annotation

·  Messaging

·  Recording

·  Webinars

·  Demos

·  Tutorials

·  Breakout rooms

Friends, coworkers, and classmates alike are utilizing these advantages to stay connected. The circumstances created from the pandemic helped  Zoom to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Winning Silver:

TikTok Logo

Tik Tok—keeping us entertained 

During quarantine, we’ve found ourselves scrolling through TikTok for hours on end. It’s no surprise that this addicting video-sharing app ranked among the top of the charts for 2020. This app currently has over 850 million users and can expect to climb to over a billion users within the next year. Why is TikTok performing better than other entertainment and social networking apps?

1. Secured Demographic

TikTok was able to gain the attention of their own demographic, those aged 16-24. The app is likely to adapt to this demographic and grow with its users throughout the years.

2. Simplistic Creation Framework

This app allows users to control speed, audio, filters, effects, and other tools with ease. Like Instagram, TikTok was first a utility before it became a user sharing app.

3. Personalized Content

TikTok hand picks videos for each of their users based on what they like most, optimizing time spent on the app. This content is accessible by display on a separate “For You” page.

Winning Bronze:

Google Classroom Logo

Google Classroom—keeping us educated

Coming in third, the Holy Grail of K-12 online education: Google Classroom. This app allows schools to simplify file sharing between teachers and students. Here are some reasons why teachers choose to use this app for their students’ at-home learning:

·  Accessible from all devices

·  Easy-to-learn interface

·  Wide integration

·  Built-in grading system

·  Linked to Google Drive

·  Most engagement

·  Parental inclusion

Teachers and parents thank Google Classroom for easing the online learning transition. 2020 has been hard on us all, and we are still learning to adapt as new challenges arise.

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