We're here to innovate. We're here to empower organizations.

We bring enthusiastic energy to every interaction. We don't wait for opportunities, we create them through curiosity and collaboration.


As an Employer...

We develop professionals who consistently make monumental impacts

As a Partner...

We respect our shared opportunities to develop one another’s success

As a Community...

We welcome failure, take blame, share credit, and promote each other's growth

As a Service Provider...

We strive to create value in organizations by spearheading strategic innovation

As a Strategic Advisor...

We create actionable plans that inform strategy, innovation, and culture

Our Values

Uphold Meritocracy

Success and influence come from abilities and achievements; nothing else

Seek Collaboration

Work together with others to accomplish more than you can by yourself

Stay Curious

Engage life with a fervor for knowledge

Pursue Opportunity

Pursue opportunities beyond resources you might not control in the moment

Be You

Is genuine and real with one another

Welcome Camaraderie

Works alongside one another with a spirit of good fellowship

Meet The Team

Join the Team

If you're ready to solve big problems and explore the unknown, you'll feel at home here.

You'll find open positions on our LinkedIn, but we always welcome a conversation.  

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Community Involvement

Innovation drives economic development

We are committed to the success of our community. Innovation creates opportunities, jobs, and prosperity. Headquartered in the heart of Toledo, we are driving growth for Northwest Ohio.

Toledo, Ohio
25 S Huron St.
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
OUr Partners

We collaborate with a diverse group of partners for shared success.

OUr Partners
Buckeye IT
Cobalt Consulting
Jumpstart INC.
Mercy Health

We invite you to partner with WynHouse

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