Innovation Services

To provide clients with centralized management of innovation and related processes through simple, KPI-driven services To identify innovation opportunities that have an impact on client organization’s scale, profitability, and product diversity

Innovation Strategy & Management Services

Innovation Committees


Innovation Process Management


Architect internal innovation processes

Provide innovation management framework

Provide recurring innovation governance

Value Proposition:

Implement lean, process improvement strategy to develop and scale innovation projects pipeline

Design-thinking Sprints


Host ad-hoc design-thinking sprints for rapid-iteration problem solving

Value Proposition:

Rapid-iteration problem solving with experts in POC, MVP, and GTM stage technology

Innovation Workshops

Host ad-hoc innovation training workshops to curate process adoption and innovation culture

Organizational Development Pro-led Innovation Workshops

Market Listening & Trend Analysis

Perform ongoing market and customer discovery to identify high-impact innovation opportunities

Analyze bulk market data to determine customer/population trends Find unique innovations proactively

Voice of Customer

Preliminary exploration of market and customer sentiment of concept

Opportunity Review

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