APIs: How They Work and Why They're Valuable

March 20, 2021
Emilie Mitchell

Have you ever wondered how your favorite weather app is able to relay accurate, up-to-date weather forecasts for you to reference at any time? What about how you're able to log in to various apps and websites through your Facebook or Google account information? These are just a few of the many examples of how APIs help make our lives easier.

What is an API?

Short for "Application Programming Interface", APIs are a set of rules and procedures that allow communication to happen between two or more different programs. APIs handle the behind-the-scenes work of data transportation and can significantly help businesses by putting this data to use. With the aid of APIs, businesses can incorporate existing software into their systems to further improve capabilities.

How do APIs work?

Think of an API like a USB drive. As a USB drive allows us to transfer information amongst two or more devices, APIs allow us to communicate data amongst two or more programs.

Why are APIs valuable?


With APIs, you're in control of how accessible you want them to be. You can decide to publish them and make them available to multiple channels of your own business or even options outside of your own range. This accessibility has a direct connection to efficiency.


While people manage many business processes, computers manage the work of APIs. This allows timely updates to help ensure production is working at maximum capability. WynHouse transforms businesses through digital products and tools and tech-enabled operational excellence.


APIs provide a seamless distribution of content to every channel. This can be done automatically, taking even more work off of you and onto the computer.


The use of APIs also plays a part into the quality of your customers' experience. APIs make it possible for your services to be utilized through channels they're already interacting with on a daily basis.


The needs of programs vary over time; APIs help you to prepare for these changes or updates that may be necessary. APIs offer better supported migration and meticulously reviewed information. This all helps lead to flexible service plans.

Overall, APIs are crucial tools in today's digital transformation. Being both agents of innovation and sources of competitive advantage, APIs provide essential guidance for your business processes.

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