The Benefits of Using Wireframes in Digital Product Design and Development

March 9, 2022
Olivia Hann

Ready to transform your idea into a website or app, but don’t know where to begin? Wireframing is a vital first step in the production process and will make sure your project reaches its full potential.

What is wireframing?

Wireframes are like blueprints or visual guides that represent the framework of digital products. They improve communication between you, designers, developers, and project managers by directing the project’s creation. Wireframes enable focus on user experience (UX) factors such as navigation, layout and basic user interaction, exposing potential issues early on. In the words of our founder Evan, “Think of it [wireframing] like a first date.”

The benefits of wireframing

Wireframing does not need any complex technology; paper, pens, and pencils can create a wireframe just fine. For the more tech savvy, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch are great programs for designing a mobile or web application. With its low cost, wireframes do not need much detail to be effective. Portions of  brand identity like color and pixel perfect design should not be the core of the wireframe to avoid overshadowing the wireframe’s purpose: user experience.

A strong wireframe is an essential step in design planning. Its easy-to-read layout displays errors and problems within the platform before corrections are needed during the development process. When developing software, one hour of research is as good as ten hours of development. Because drafting a wireframe does not take much time due to its simplicity and is effective in finding issues in your software, it saves you monetary resources along with time.

When wireframes are not necessary

Wireframes are a great start for your website or app, but there are instances where they are not the right fit. After you have determined your minimum viable product (MVP), you may find that one of the features you are including is not adding much value to your app. In this case, steer clear of detailing low-priority features in your wireframe. Building the core functionality of your product is the main focus of this stage; simpler features can be added while creating a mockup.

Development made easy

Wireframes are a fantastic way to visualize and plan your application or website before development. The wireframing stage allows for revisions to be made, as well as guide the application’s development for later on in the process. This step builds a working relationship between you and the product design team, leading to a strong connection and great communication throughout the lifecycle of your project.

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