Client-Engagement Tool Reduced Correspondence by 28% During Tax Season


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Abacus CPA's

Abacus CPAs, a national accounting firm, services hundreds of clients.  During tax season, it was commonplace for associates and partners to receive dozens of calls throughout their day. Clients were eager to hear the status of their tax return. The Abacus executive team, in partnership with WynHouse, conceptualized a digital solution. The solution provides a no-extra-work integration for the accounting team and an always-on status tracker for Abacus’ clients.

Created a mobile app to improve client engagement and cut out 68% of client check-in calls


Accounting associates received high client call volume inquiring about client tax-return statuses. Associates and partners field status-update calls across time zones and a wide range of business hours.


Abacus and Wynhouse partnered to create a solution to drive client correspondence time down and increase the time spent on tax preparation and consulting. WynHouse facilitated the integration of the new app and PracticeCS, enabling associates to automatically push updates to their clients.

Our two teams’ collaborative approach led to quick and effective planning and design sprints. In turn, this drove the overall cost of the project down by 23%.


The partnership between Abacus CPAs and WynHouse generated a product that will have lasting impacts on Abacus CPAs’ client experience. Two-fold, it will drive up associate productivity, and quality of work life, by decreasing the amount of status-check calls from clients.

Gave clients 24/7 access to the status of their tax returns
Created a digital medium to regularly engage 250+ clients
Reduced correspondence by 51% during tax season
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