Digital Product Empowers Patients During the Transition of Care


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RE-Assist, a healthcare process consultancy, streamlines the patient transition of care from acute care to long-term care.

Ashley Barrow founded RE-Assist from a passion for improving patient outcomes. Ashley identified core problems in the transition of care process that leads to patient readmissions.

With annual costs reaching $41.3 billion for patients readmitted within 30 days after discharge, readmission is one of the costliest episodes to treat in the United States.


Hospitals are motivated to keep acute care beds open for new patients. As acute treatment ends, care providers and discharge planners help patients find long-term care options.

The transition of care happens in a short window of time. Without proper education on the requirements and options for long-term care, patients make poor decisions, resulting in readmissions to acute care. RE-Assist needed a digital platform to reduce the stress of transition of care for patients and streamline the process for hospitals.


RE-Assist and WynHouse collaborated to develop a digital product that reduces patient readmissions by facilitating better placement in long-term care facilities.

The solution provides hospitals with a tool to reduce readmissions and care facilities with a new channel to connect with patients.


After a successful pilot with an international hospital system, the digital product now serves hospital networks and lists hundreds of long-term care facilities.

The digital product provides patients access to key information on long-term care facilities
Successfully piloted with an international hospital system
Serves as a key offering for RE-Assist's hospital clients
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